Business Process Maturity Assessment

There are many ways to asses and determine the maturity level of an organisations business processes. AI Digital’s have adapted a common method using a clear five step process review to make it simpler to determine where you are, and the steps required to get to where you want to be. Optimising process maturity is vital in enabling organisations to deliver consistently, have scalable processes that allow the company to grow, reducing dependency on key individuals and providing proactive metrics to get on the front foot with improvements and innovations. A maturity model helps guide an evolutionary improvement path from immature to sophisticated levels of process maturity, highlighting stages to move through. Each stage builds the foundation to build on, to move to the next stage, in a logical focused manner.

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As well as looking at the processes, the maturity assessment looks at if the processes are understood by the people using them. Do the people using them understand the value and rationale for the process and how it links to the organisations vision and strategy. The evaluation process uses a mixture of reviewing artefacts, interviews with individuals using the processes, interviews with responsible managers who oversee the processes, and leaders who are accountable for quantitative outputs. The assessment looks at attitudes and behaviours and general understanding of how processes directly impact on business performance. Following a maturity assessment review, AI Digital will present back the findings in a structured way, enabling you to understand the rationale for the rating, together with a high level plan of activities required to move you to the next levels.