Digital Maturity Assessment

The digital maturity of an organisation can be assessed in many ways, and this can typically be dependent on the primary sector of the business. AI Digital have developed an assessment model approach that encompasses the four key layers that are common irrespective of the organisation sector type. The diagram below illustrates the key layers we will work through in partnership with you, to determine where you are on your digital journey.

The tool evaluates your core capabilities, attitudes and competencies and becomes a springboard in developing a clear view on how to organise your digital journey and what kind of analysis should be performed to measure the customer transformation.

Strategic - reviewing aspects such as Business Strategy, Vision, Objectives, Senior Management Buyin.

Customer - looking at the customer journey, satisfaction and sentiment analysis, competitor analysis.

Operations & Change - understanding Leadership and capabilities levels, operation processes, and business process mapping.

Technology - reviewing current tools and technology and their maturity levels, channel analysis.

Once your maturity assessment rating is understood, this will lead into a digital roadmap. The roadmap development will include design recommendations, ideas on how to implement them and suggested measurements for tracking progress and continuous improvement opportunities.