Project Management as a Service (PMaaS)

PMaaS is a flexible way for organisations to procure trained Project Management resources, at a time when its needed most.

AI Digital offers services that start from just 20 days a year, at a minimum commitment of half a day a week.

Once an assignment is accepted by our experienced and qualified Project Managers, they will stay consistently with your Project, for the duration and frequency agreed with you.

Each PM only accepts assignments to utilise 80% of their capacity, allowing flexibility to maintain regular contact and provide consistency for each client.

Our PM team will work to the standards and processes you already have, ensuring a consistent methodology is used across your function. If we are working on your behalf with an external customer, we are happy for our team to be white labelled and take on your company identity to present a seamless front to your customers.
PMaaS is primarily a remote service with regular contact through a combination of voice, video and on-site meetings, as you see fit.

Working remotely as first option, and only when you need us, helps to keep the costs low.

AI Digital can provide Project or Programme Managers and if required PMO staff too.

PMaaS Case Study

A global investment bank planned a major infrastructure upgrade in a European Data Centre. The Bank had technical resources and local infrastructure management available to deliver the solution but no Project Management resource available to govern and control the delivery.

It was recognised that the role did not require full time Project Management. At most it would require 0.5 FTE for 12 months (or 2.5 days per week).

Recruiting a full time PM would exceed the project budget and recruiting a part time PM proved difficult. By using a remote Project Manager who could meet the required demand, the project was delivered on time, to budget and without incurring unnecessary overheads.

The AI Digital PM attended the delivery site once, but spoke with the project team daily, chaired the Project Boards and prepared the Project Management products required to complete delivery to the banks standards (PID, Plan, RAID etc.). With appropriate access to the Bank’s internal system, the PM was able to successfully work as a fully embedded part of the team, and went on to successfully lead the delivery of the Project.