Project Recovery & Rescue

Ai Digital’s Project and Programme function specialises in providing support to organisations through supplementing, supporting or enhancing existing Project functions.

One of the key areas the success of this is most evident is in the rescue and recovery of broken projects. Typically Projects may deem to be in failure where they are clearly off track on delivering to time, cost or quality-or all three! This may be for reasons such as lack of governance and control, Project Management inexperience or scope creep.

When there is much at stake its important to act fast to avoid further losses associated with a failing Project. Our experienced Project and Programme Managers will quickly get to the bottom of the issues and work in partnership with your staff to get things back on track. The illustration below gives a high level overview of our approach.


Our experts will work with you to get a clear understanding of the current position of the Project or Programme. Through this process we will identify the causes of the failure and the key areas in jeopardy. Common areas of concern often include issues with scope, resource availability, resource capability, roles and responsibilities and project monitoring and control.

We will present our findings in the form of a recovery plan, recognising the Project’s achievements to date and the corrective actions required to bring the Project back on track.

Our team can then work with you to lead the turnaround initiative, or if preferred, we can mentor your team to bring the project back on track, and make sure it stays on track.