As part of our ongoing commitment to the Biomedical sector, AI Digital is extremely honoured to work with a prestigious academic research institution based in South England in arranging clinical trial and subsequent production of a test for Covid 19. The tests are based on the RT-LAMP technique and unlike RT-PCR, these tests don’t require centralised lab environment and the results are available in 30 mins!

The tests have already gone through lab trials and have come back with a 100% success rate. They are going through clinical trials over the next few weeks and once completed, it will be sent for certification. AI Digital is working to arrange trails with-in the UK and the Indian sub-continent imminently. Once the solution is certified, we hope to be working closely with the Adult Social care sector, care homes, Police forces, retail organisations and others who are providing frontline services.

Whilst we are working with some NHS trusts for these trials, we would like to extend the invitation for other trusts, governments and private labs to join this trial. If you are already carrying out RT-PCR tests and are interested in trialling of this solution, please get in touch with us, ASAP!

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