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The NHS is under tremendous pressure to introduce a wide range of programmes and projects as it looks to deal with increasing levels of activity and a significant backlog. The introduction of Integrated Care Systems (ICS) is likely to see further realignment of structures and services, placing increasing pressure on organisations without the resources to deliver.

specialist project management for health care services
specialist change management for health care services

We provide flexible resourcing for the NHS

The PDaaS model allows the scale up and down of project and specialist resources, in line with delivery needs. 

AI Digital has developed a business model which offers NHS clients a flexible and agile solution to project delivery resource constraints. Project Delivery as a Service (PDaaS) is designed to allow flexible resourcing to respond to project delivery demands. 

This approach can support NHS organisations to react quickly when faced with strategic and national delivery demand without the necessary project, change, or technical management resources needed. PDaaS avoids the costs of maintaining a team of people and delivers efficiencies where demand is unpredictable. 

The PDaaS service allows the scale-up and scale-down of project and specialist resources, in line with delivery needs. It provides access to a wide portfolio of people with project, change and technical expertise, available against organisational demand schedules. This can be from as little as one Project Manager or Business Analyst to a whole team of experts, for a few days or through to a whole end-to-end programme.

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This was the first time the Trust had worked with an external project management organisation to deliver an internal project. We knew the timeframes were tight for each phase of the project, but AI Digital brought in the right team and were flexible in managing our changing priorities and pressures. They worked at pace and with authority and successfully delivered the contract requirements.’

– Hakan Akozek, SRO and Director of Innovation and Digital Transformation, Chief Information Officer

specialist programme and project delivery for health care services
Project delivery as a service model
specialist programme management for health care services

Key messages for the NHS

  • AI Digital has developed a project resourcing model which offers Project Delivery as a Service (PDaaS) to meet the demands of any organisation. 
  • PDaaS provides skilled and flexible resource which can be scaled up or down to meet your needs.
  • The PDaaS approach allows you to align people, project, change and technical skills when and where you need them.
  • The PDaaS approach avoids the costs of maintaining a team of people and delivers efficiencies where demand is unpredictable. 
  • AI Digital is ISO 9001 Certified, and all projects are delivered within this quality management framework.
flexible resourcing for the NHS

‘The Blue Box Project is an innovative initiative which will allow us to have a much more holistic view of our service users’ presentation and avoid unplanned activity.

The AI Digital Project Team have been persistent and tenacious in delivering this project and have remained calm and considerate to the needs of staff, service users and carers during this difficult operational time. ’

– Dr Rakesh Magon, SCO and Deputy Medical Director

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