Contract Value: £200,000
Start Date: September 2020 End Date: March 2022

COVID-19 has impacted people in many ways, it has also brought frontline organisations like NHS, Care Homes and Local Councils together to fight this pandemic. This has accelerated the Digital Transformation journey and data integration across these organisations to ensure the Citizens of the Council receive the care and support they require during these difficult times.

As the pandemic struck one of the North West based councils engaged with AI Digital for assistance in fast tracking their Digital Transformation journey. AI Digital had recently completed the discovery phase for their journey by carrying out a digital maturity assessment and providing the council with a robust and comprehensive Digital Roadmap. The Pandemic drove an urgency for the council who, owing to the trusted relationship in place already, approached AI Digital to fast track their implementation of a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. This enabled the council to introduce vital new processes such as ‘Shielding the Vulnerable’, ‘Track and Trace’, and a Grant scheme for local businesses.

The discovery work had enabled the foundations of a strong dependable working relationship with the key teams and stakeholders across the Council, which were critical in pushing through a fast implementation of the much-needed CRM system.

Throughout the journey of the strategically important project, AI Digital ensured the Council’s IT team were up-skilled to ensure that they could not only support the system once it was live, but also carry out further development if required, once the Project had completed. Training and up-skilling staff is a key part in enabling Digital Transformation, and is one where AI Digital excel in, owing to the fact that we have a highly experienced and dedicated Training arm within our Business, underpinning the technical expertise we provide.

As part of the implementation of the CRM Tool we also defined and implemented the Agile and Devops processes to support ongoing continual improvements. These two areas were an important aspect of the Digital Transformation journey for the Council.

Our work ethos is around integration, our consultants represented the Council’s IT team in front of the business users and third parties, in addition to the Senior Management team. We ensured that the Council’s IT team were well represented across all levels, either working with them in a supporting role or being their representative at key meetings.

Whilst working on the CRM implementation project, we also assisted the Council in preparing the foundations of Place Based Integration. Supporting the Council with the integration of local care providers, including the Clinical Commissioning Group, to ensure the vulnerable citizens of the Council receive the necessary care and support they deserve. This integration foundation helped the Council in rolling out new initiatives working with the NHS Trusts, as well as Care providers.
Despite the challenging timescales AI Digital worked with the Council to complete the CRM implementation and Go-live on time and on budget.