Who Commissioned the Project and What Was Needed?

Hertfordshire Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust (HPFT), a mental health services provider, were aiming to accelerate their implementation of digital technologies to provide better user care during the pandemic.

The Blue Box provided an opportunity for healthcare professionals to quickly measure vital readings and to ensure signs of deterioration are caught at the earliest stages. HPFT needed to supplement their internal capacity as they shifted focus to implementation.

Why AI Digital?

NHS Trusts value the skills and capabilities that AI Digital bring to ensure delivery of complex projects. AI Digital deliver projects at pace and ensure that the patients and the carers are at the centre of the project.

How Were AI Digital Able to Assist?

Due to the pandemic, the local Integrated Care System (ICS) was operating under significant pressure. HPFT was working within very tight timeframes. to deliver each stage of the project.

AI Digital collaborated with HPFT’s staff as well as supply chain and suppliers to create a framework that enabled the project to be delivered in the agreed timeframes.

AI Digital adapted to the technology challenges, accounting for any potential difficulties from the outset. AI Digital’s experience and ready-made frameworks were helpful for rapid delivery, as there was no need to start from scratch.

AI Digital delivered phase 1 of the project within a tight timescale along with a blueprint for scaling up delivery and informing the wider NHS. The second phase of the project saw the project enter wider usage and increased physical monitoring of patients and AI Digital again enabled rapid delivery of the project.

Which Services Were Used on the Project?

AI Digital assembled a team with extensive NHS experience, including change management, project management and training. Technical expertise was provided to assist with interoperability and integrated systems for the duration of the project.

About PDaaS

We use our unique Project Delivery as a Service (PDaaS) model that enables us to dial our services up or down as required. After an initial consultancy, AI Digital were able to provide the specific capability necessary to complete both stages of the project.

How Can PDaaS Benefit Your Organisation?

Unlike other consultancies, we create a delivery team to match the specific needs of your project. That might be a single project manager, a solutions consultant or a full multi- disciplinary team.

The flexibility and cost effectiveness of PDaaS means that you can buy short term resource and retain control of costs to deliver your project.

At a time when managing costs have never been more important to the NHS, our swift and agile approach provides you with the maximum value from your budget.

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