Who Commissioned the Project and What Was Needed?

An NHS Integrated Care System (ICS) had won funding to apply a piece of tech-enabled care that could support people living with severe mental illness. The goal was to use this to expand the availability of physical health monitoring to those who do not typically engage with health services and to integrate the recorded data directly into the patient record. However, the full scope of the work needed to be agreed and the detailed requirements for the project were yet to be articulated.

Why AI Digital?

AI Digital have experience with tech-enabled care and had previously been involved in another area of the local Integrated Care System. They had provided the technical, change and project management support to successfully deliver the project. Commissioners recognised that AI Digital had the knowledge and skills accelerate delivery of the project.

How Were AI Digital Able to Assist?

Within 24 hours, AI Digital had responded to the client brief.

AI Digital facilitated a discovery workshop that brought together organisations from a range of disciplines, both clinical and non-clinical, and with different technical expertise. The major stakeholders, in this case community delivery organisations, discussed the scope of the project and what would need to be delivered to achieve this.

Following the workshop, AI Digital proposed the necessary services to ensure lean, timely delivery of the project.

By arranging the discovery workshop within a short space of time, the project scope was quickly understood and allowed the client to move forward at pace.

Which Services Were Used on the Project?

In the workshop, AI Digital provided Enterprise Architecture and Solutions expertise together with project and change management skills to ensure a rounded perspective, capable of evaluating the requirements of the project.

About PDaaS

We use our unique Project Delivery as a Service (PDaaS) model that enables us to dial our services up or down as required. After the initial workshop, we were able to propose the specific capability necessary for completion of the project.

How Can PDaaS Benefit Your Organisation?

Unlike other consultancies, we create a delivery team to match the specific needs of your project. That might be a single project manager, a solutions consultant or a full multi- disciplinary team.

The flexibility and cost effectiveness of PDaaS means that you can buy short term resource and retain control of costs to deliver your project.

At a time when managing costs have never been more important to the NHS, our swift and agile approach provides you with the maximum value from your budget.