Optimising Productivity and Adoption of New Technology

Less development time, a forced global health perspective and a more customer-centric commercial model means digitisation has accelerated in bioscience and biotechnology. Businesses think more like regulators, studying inspections and processes from the regulator’s perspective. Compliance with good manufacturing processes (GMP) is likely to return, so it’s critical that bioscience and biotechnology companies evaluate their […]

Discover better value beyond delivery with project management

Business-critical initiatives in bioscience and biotechnology are complex. They’re pressured by impossibly tight timeframes, constricted by regulatory authorities and have large budgets on the line. Expert project management is essential for mitigating the effect of these pressures. Bioscience businesses need to rapidly upscale operations to meet an increase in commercial, technical or operational demand—requiring significant […]

The pitfalls in scaling programs within Biosciences

The bioscience industry is reacting to the need for more efficient delivery, and the incredible strain from the pandemic, with new service models, facilities and technologies. The weight of responsibility has landed on the backs of one particular group of individuals: Project Managers (PMs). Regulatory pressures and the duration of development cycles, compounded by uncertainties […]